Domestic abuse resources

The Brathay Trust DART programme

What is DART?

Domestic Abuse Recovering Together (DART) is a programme that helps mothers and children (aged 7-14) strengthen their relationship following domestic abuse.

Over the 10-week programme, they explore their issues within a safe and friendly environment, promoting openness and honesty.

The programme is designed for one mum and one child per family. But if they have more than one child, you may invite them to complete the programme with the other children at a later time.

Selection criteria

  • Children must be aged 7-14.
  • The mother is living in 'safe and relevant' accommodation as defined here (in summary: Refuges, sanctuary schemes, second stage (Moving on) or dispersed 'semi-independent' accommodation)

More information

For more information and details on how to refer the people you support, please take some time to read through the Information for Professionals PDF.

Once you've done this, complete the DART programme referral form.

Brathay have also produced a DART guide for mothers and a guide for children.