Grants, furniture and household goods

Publicly available

Please see our public facing grants page for details of:

  • the turn2us grants search tool - This matches families with approx. 1400 grants based on your answers to a few questions about their circumstances (not personally identifying)
  • the Hope4U service - who can advise pregnant women and young families on eligibility to Sure Start and Healthy Start grants. Hope4U can also check entitlement to welfare benefits (many charitable funds won't consider an application for a grant if the family you're working with hasn't applied for statutory benefits to which they are entitled)

Available to lead practitioners

These charitable funds will only accept grant applications from practitioners on behalf of a family they are working with and will consider making a grant as part of a wider package of support being offered to a family.

Grants/new goods

Frank Buttle - offer two grants - Chances for Children (up to £2,400 for children and young people who have experienced a crisis that has recently had a significant and enduring impact on their wellbeing and educational engagement) and Support for Boarding (Boarding School places for children impacted by an ongoing significant crisis at home).

Glasspool Trust - Glasspool's Essential Living fund can provide small grants for household items and essential clothing. Only a limited number of grant applications are accepted each week, with a new application quota being released at 11am each Monday morning.

Family Action welfare grants - primarily provides grants for essential personal and household needs such as cookers, washing machines, fridge/freezers, beds and bedding.

Baby items

POPI - provide items for babies and children up to 5 such as cots, prams, clothes and toys, free of charge to local families in need. Please note that items must be collected from POPIs unit in Utley, Keighley by either you or a colleague.  See the website for more information.