Further ways to keep your baby safe during pregnancy

Sleep on your side from the third trimester

When you sleep on your back, the weight of the baby and the womb puts pressure on your organs, and it increases your risk of stillbirth.

Visit Tommy’s website for more information, and view their top tips and frequently asked questions.

Tommy’s have produced this short video of some well-known mums reacting to how important the message is about sleeping on your side.

Keep track of your baby’s movements

Most people start to feel their baby move around 18-24 weeks, although it can be a few weeks earlier for some.

There is not set a number of movements or kicks you should feel. It’s important to get to know what is normal for your baby.

If you are worried that your baby is not moving or is less active, contact your midwife or your maternity unit straight away. The maternity unit will have people there to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information visit Tommy’s website where they also have a leaflet about baby movements available in several languages.

Always ask if you think something is wrong

Pregnancy comes with all kinds of changes, which makes spotting things that are not normal even harder. The more you know what is normal for you, the easier it is to understand when something is wrong. Remember you are the expert on yourself and don’t feel awkward about asking for things checked out.

Tommy’s have created a short video to raise awareness of how important it is to always ask with top tips about how to make yourself clear about what is wrong.