Why is talking to my child so important?

Mum playing and talking with baby

  • A child’s development starts the moment they are born.
  • They love to hear your voice & see your face when you talk to them.
  • Talking to them can make them happy, help them make friends and learn.
  • Communication skills give your child the best start for life.
5 key messages. 1 Talk to your baby right from the start babies love to hear your voice and see your face when you talk to them. 2 talking to your baby is really important because they learn most things from you 3 talking will help your child to be happy make friends and learn. 4 talking is easy just chat about what you are doing or what they are interested in. 5 music noisy video games and the tv are a big part of our lives but try to make some noise free time so that your baby can hear what you are saying
Five Key Messages from ICAN

Tiny Happy People

Tiny Happy People video link

This video shows you some of the great information and ideas available on BBC’S Tiny Happy People.

The website has lots of information about how you can support your child with their communication and language development, as well as lots of ideas about other places you can look.