Bonding with your baby in pregnancy

Stomach of pregnant woman with hands making heart sign

You, a partner or a family member can help to keep your baby happy and help it to develop in lots of ways before it is born by:

  • stroking the tummy
  • singing
  • playing music

Your baby can hear you from at least 16 weeks, and perhaps earlier. Babies hear their mother’s voices most clearly, but anyone can talk and sing to them – your baby will love to hear from anyone.

This helps your baby:

  • to get to know voices, which will help them feel safe and secure
  • tune up their hearing and get ready for when they will eventually talk

Talking and singing to your baby is also good for their development. Find a quiet time when you and your baby can focus on each other and use a tuneful, sing-song voice. You may notice that your baby is more active when they hear your voice. Try calming stories, songs or music when your baby is quiet, or at bedtime.

It doesn't matter what music or song – if you like it, so will your baby. Never put headphones on mum’s tummy though, as it’s too loud for your baby.

If you feel a bit silly talking to the bump, don’t worry – lots of people do. If you can’t think of anything to say, just chat about the day, share a story, or read a book or magazine out loud.

Did you know

That talking and singing with your baby whilst you are pregnant helps with their speech and language after they are born!