Access and Take Up

Access and Take Up Team

Our small, friendly team sit within the Family Hubs. There is at least one access and take up worker for each of the four areas across the Bradford district.

How can the Access and Take Up team help me?

We support families to take up the childcare funding that is available to them. We will contact families to let them know that they are able to receive free childcare funding, this may be by calling at your address, and leaving a postcard if we are unable to get hold of you.   

Terrific Twos postcard

Back of Terrific Twos postcard

If you are eligible for free childcare but need some extra support, we can help if:

  • you are worried about approaching childcare providers yourself
  • you need to know what to look for
  • you need help finding a setting that suits your/your child’s needs
  • there is a language barrier

We can also support families to access information and services they may need for themselves or for their children aged 0-19 (25 for children with SEND).

If you would like an access and take up worker to support you, send us your details here

Terrific Twos campaign



We have a dedicated team who support families with children who can receive free education and childcare for their 2-year-olds. We are here to encourage families to take up this offer because:

  • Research shows that good quality childcare from an early age makes a real difference to how well a child does in the future.
  • Statistics show that accessing childcare at an early age can mean children develop a variety of skills, confidence and are ahead when starting school.
  • It will give your child the chance to make new friends, begin to get ready for school with new activities and improve their language skills.
  • It will also free up your time for training, hobbies, a break, a part-time job, more hours at work or reduce your childcare bill.

Meet the Team

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