Road safety - hot topics

One accident is one too many

The UKs roads are - statistically - among the safest in the world; but that knowledge won't bring much comfort if you or your child become a casualty in an accident.

We've brought together some information and links on this and our other Road Safety pages and hope you find them useful in keeping yourself and your family safe on the road over the coming months.

Tales of the Road

Tales of the Road - also known as the junior highway code - is a useful guide produced by the Department of Transport.  It's targeted mainly at children between 6 and 11 years old, but the advice it contains still applies whatever your age.  It's available as an accessible PDF (please click on the picture below to download)

Tales of the Road download link


Be Bright, Be Seen!

British summertime ended on 30th October - meaning it gets dark early in the evening.

Whether travelling to and from school, going to the shops or walking the dog - during dull days and fog, pedestrians and cyclists should wear bright clothing, and something reflective at night.  Bags and rucksacks with hi-vis strips are a cheap, effective and no-fuss way to be seen.


If you ride a bike at night, you may assume that drivers can see you because you can see them.  That's not always the case and many accidents involving cyclists at night are due to them wearing dark clothing and not using lights or reflectors.

As a minimum, you must use white front and red rear lights, amber pedal reflectors and a red rear reflector if you cycle at night (or at least, that's the short version - the charity Cycling UK have put together a detailed run-down of the lighting regulations available here)

e-scooters are illegal to ride on pavements and roads

e-scooters are available from many popular retailers, but the current law is clear - you can buy one but can only ride it on public land and not on a UK public road, cycle lane or pavement.

For more details on the law around e-scooters, please click here to download a PDF leaflet from the police.