Early Education and Childcare

Early Education and Childcare

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We understand that making the decision to send your child to a nursery or a childminder can be a big step for some parents and carers, and it is natural to have some concerns. Every child and family is different but there is lots of help and support available.

What are the benefits of sending my child to a nursery or childminder?

  • Research shows that good quality childcare from an early age makes a real difference to how well a child does in the future.
  • It will give your child the chance to make new friends, begin to get ready for school with new activities and improve their language skills.  
  • It will also free up your time for training, hobbies, a break, a part-time job, more hours at work or reduce your childcare bill.

Listen to Bradford parents talk about how childcare has helped them and their children:


What support is there to help me with the costs?

  • Some 2-year old's can have up to 15 hours of free learning and childcare check here to see if you can receive this.


  • All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free learning and childcare birthday until they go to full-time school – see here for more information.


  • Working parents/carers of 3- and 4-year-old children can receive up to 30 hours of free learning and childcare – see here to see if you can receive this.


  • There is further financial support for working families who have children under 16 (17 if disabled), or those receiving universal credit, and some people who are studying. The Childcare Choices website can work out the best offer for you.

Contact our helpline

If you need help to use the childcare search or the free funding checker, please contact us by:

Tel: 01274 437503 (available Monday to Thursday 8.30-5.00, Friday 8.30-4.30)

E-mail: childcare@bradford.gov.uk 

What other support is there?

If you are eligible for early education/childcare funding but need some support on deciding if it's right for you and your child(ren), this could be because:

  • You are worried about leaving your child
  • You’re not sure which setting is right for you
  • You’re not sure how to approach a nursery/childminder
  • You need some guidance on applying for the free funding

We have an Access and Take up team that can help you.

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