Healthy children

We know that children who achieve a healthy weight tend to be fitter, healthier, better able to learn, and more self-confident. They're also less likely to have low self-esteem or be bullied. And they're much less likely to have health problems in later life.

Did you know

About 1 in 5 children in reception are overweight or obese, rising to 1 in 3 in Year 6.

It’s never too early or too late to make changes to your family’s lifestyle and there is lots of information and services that can support you.

Eating Healthy

A healthy, balanced diet contains a variety of foods, including:

  •  plenty of fruit and vegetables
  •  plenty of starchy foods such as wholegrain bread, pasta and rice
  •  some protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs and lentils
  •  some dairy foods
  •  not too much fat (especially saturated fat), salt and sugar
  •  plenty of water or other fluids (at least 4 pints a day)

Support for healthy eating

Change 4 life

Change 4 Life can give you ideas to help the whole family make healthy lifestyle changes.
They also have various apps available including Smart Recipe and Be Food Smart, along with a whole host of other great ideas for staying healthy.

Visit the Change 4 Life website to find out more (Opens in a new window)

NHS Eat Well

NHS Eat well has ideas to help you eat healthy and maintain balanced diet.

Find out more at NHS - Eat Well (Opens in a new window)

One You Easy Meals

The free One You Easy Meals app is a great way to eat foods that are healthier for you. You will find delicious, easy meal ideas to help get you going if you're ever short of inspiration.

Download the One You Easy Meals app (Opens in a new window)

The free NHS Food Scanner app can help you to make healthier swaps for you and your children next time you shop.  Watch this video to find out how it works:

Download the NHS Food Scanner App here:

  NHS food scanner app from Apple app store    NHS food scanner app from Google Play store

Keeping children active

The guidelines are that children aged 5 and over should aim to be active for 60 minutes a day across the week. Not only does it manage their weight, it provides so many more benefits such as:

  • Improves sleep
  • Improves concentration and
  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Can improve confidence
  • Make them feel good!
Physical activity guide for children and young people - click to expand

Support for keeping kids active

The NHS healthier familes page has lots of free, fun ideas on how kids can get their 60 minutes of activity in! From making up an obstacle course with hosuehold items, to secret spy games to spoerting activities, its all there!

For local activites, visit our staying active page and What's on guide

Concerned about your child’s weight?

As a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to tell that your child is overweight. A child does not need to look particularly heavy to be overweight; and because more children are becoming heavier at a younger age, we've become used to seeing bigger children.

Being overweight, or obese, can have a damaging effect on your health and life expectancy. As adults, carrying excess weight lead to coronary heart disease, liver disease, osteoarthritis, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some cancer.

The NHS have created a guide to check if your child is a healthy weight

If you are concerned that your child is overweight, contact the School Nursing Team by calling 01274 221203

(available Monday-Friday 8.30-5.00)