Getting to know your baby

parents reading to young child

Your relationship with your baby starts much earlier than the first time you meet them. Your baby has been recognising your voice since you were around 16 weeks pregnant.

When the baby arrives some parents fall in love with their babies immediately, but for most parents it takes time to get to know their baby.

The importance of touch

From birth your baby will enjoy having skin-to-skin time with you, looking at your face and your baby will love it when you chat to them. Your newborn baby does not need toys; they just want to be close to you.

Top tips for bonding:

  • When feeding your baby, whether you choose to breast or bottle feed, hold them close skin to skin and look into their eyes.
  • Cuddling your baby next to your skin allows them to smell you and hear your heartbeat, which will comfort and calm them.
  • If you have a partner try and give most of the feeds or cuddles yourselves, this will help build up a close and loving bond with your baby.

Family Lives have made this short video which explains more about how to bond with your baby.

Unicef have produced a guide for parents with more information  

Remember - If you're struggling with your feelings towards your baby or child, there are services that can help.

Support for you

Free group for mums, dads and carers who are struggling in their relationship with their baby and/or child under 2 years old

Being a parent isn't always easy, and at times we can feel lost or confused. At times we can all wonder:

  • What does my child want from me?
  • Why is my baby behaving like this?
  • Am i getting this right?

Little Minds Matter can support with the Circle of Security Parenting programme. We can support you if:

  • your child is between 4 months and 2 years old.
  • You live anywhere in the Bradford district.

What is it?

  • An 8 week programme
  • Weekly 2 hour sessions
  • Face to face sessions, a creche is provided wherever possible
  • Sessions held across the Bradford district

How does it work?

You can be referred into the programme via a practitioner you are working with, or feel free to contact us to apply or to find out more:

Tel : 07766 568 407

E-mail : 

Little Minds Matter have made this video to explain the Circle of Security:

Family Action Perinatal support service

If you feel down, anxious or lonely after childbirth, Family Action's Perinatal Peer Support Service have trained volunteers with parenting experience who understand the challenges.

They can support your emotional health and wellbeing by providing a listening ear, offering advice and helping you take part in local groups and activities.

They can also help if you are struggling to bond with your baby through their My baby and Me groups - a course of five free weekly sessions to show you fun ways to bond with your baby through play.

To find out more or request support, contact Family Action by email at, or call 07966 926849

Little Minds Matter

Are you having a baby or have a child under two? Do you live in the Bradford district? Little Minds Matter can support you and your family to get the best possible start in life.

We have practitioners from many different backgrounds who can offer a range of support on things including:

  • Explore the challenges that having a new baby can bring
  • Think about your relationship with your baby
  • Support you to play with and talk to your baby
  • Talk through concerns you may have about your baby
  • Consider the thoughts and experiences of your baby
  • Think about how your previous experiences are affecting you now
  • Build your enjoyment and confidence in being a parent

How to contact Little Minds Matter

You can contact the team Monday to Friday for an initial friendly chat:

Tel: 07766 568407


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