Practitioner's Forum T&Cs

The forum is intended to provide a warm, friendly, professional area of the fyi site.  The forum is a free resource whereby news, service updates, changes in practice, collaborative working and more can be shared amongst the Prevention and Early Help practioners’ community. The forum does not replace any current information sharing procedures and should only be used in addition to these.

Items can only be published by the fyi team, however there is functionality to suggest a post. All requested posts must be appropriate to the forum and the practioners who use it. All posts will be moderated by the fyi team before being published, and we may need to come back you for more information.

Comments and replies within our practioners’ forum reflect the views of the person submitting them and not Bradford Council or its policies. The fyi team will moderate these and may need to delete comments if they are deemed inappropriate.

Bradford Council reserves the right to remove any materials (including comments, profile pictures, videos and pictures) that:

  • pose a security or privacy risk 
  • contain confidential information about yourself, or someone else 
  • refer to Council employees by name 
  • are considered spam or commercial advertising 
  • are unlawful, harassing, abusive or threatening 
  • are obscene, sexually suggestive or profane (i.e. swearing) 
  • are racist, homophobic, ageist or sexist or are perceived to be offensive to any group of individuals 
  • promote, or are perceived to promote, the interests of political party, group or candidates 
  • are an infringement of intellectual property or copyright law 
  • are in any other way deemed to be offensive or inappropriate for this page.

Repeated violation of these rules will result in your account being blocked from our forum area

All interaction on our forum pages should be in English.

Bradford Council does not endorse or take responsibility for any material that may be reached through links posted on forum pages. When you follow a link please note that you are leaving Bradford Council website.

Bradford Council does not guarantee any information posted by individuals on forum page is correct and disclaims any liability for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on this information.

To protect your privacy, and the privacy of others, do not include personal or confidential information in your comments or responses.

Please contact us on 01274 432626 if you have any query on the above policy or you wish to report a comment.

If you wish to contact Childrens Services with a complaint, to request a service or make a referral please contact Children’s Services switchboard on 01274 435600.

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